The Chef

Alexandre Baumard

Our Chef Alexandre Baumard owes his passion to Sundays spent in kitchens learning how to prepare new dishes, to old traditional cookery books and the competitions launched with his father to create new recipes and explore the flavours of good local dishes.

In the footsteps of two uncles, who are chefs, he decided at age 16 to take a culinary arts course in Saumur in western France and honed his skills alongside some great practitioners, such as Benoit Vidal at Mas des Herbes Blanches, Paul Bocuse at Auberge du Pont de Collonges,Christophe Bacquié at Hôtel du Castellet and Laurent Saudeau at Manoir de la Boulaie. These were determining experiences, which taught him discipline, respect, creativity and advanced culinary skills.

Today at 29, this promising chef explores and invents a light cuisine that is subtle and elegant, giving free expression to the flavours of the produce within a contemporary style.

In February 2017, the Michelin Guide awarded its first star to the Logis de la Cadène, a great acknowledgement and a wonderful encouragement for chef Alexandre Baumard and his team.



A new take on French Cuisine

Our Chef chooses the best local produce to concoct inventive dishes that are refined and subtle, following the seasons and his inspiration of the moment.

He puts a new slant on classical French dishes, enhancing them with his own touch of creativity and modern elegance. He pays close attention to presentation with his gourmet imagination, serving works of culinary art that awaken all the senses. He dreams up menus of different, colourful dishes featuring amazing combinations and new tastes.

Alexandre Baumard looks forward to sharing an enjoyable experience with you based on something new. He hopes that his cuisine will delight you and that every one of your visits to Logis de la Cadène will be memorable.